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Sunday, September 27

La Quinta Business District Team


The La Quinta Business District Team (B.D.T.) was designed to complement the Patrol Division with an emphasis on providing enhanced patrol services to the businesses located in the City of La Quinta. The Business District Team actively investigates crimes such as burglaries, thefts, vandalism's, frauds and a multitude of other crimes affecting the business community. In addition to investigations, the Business District Team Officers utilize community oriented policing concepts in an effort to provide education to the business persons of La Quinta.

Officers of the Business District Team are committed to creating a crime free environment for business owners and the patrons of those businesses. The Officers are available to business owners/managers within the city of La Quinta to provide training in regards to crime prevention and suggestions to help reduce the likelihood of crime at their business. The Business District Team gladly accepts input from business owners and patrons regarding issues that concern them and their business. The team in turn takes the input and vigorously creates programs to resolve the community concerns.

As with all community-oriented programs, it is important to have a strong relationship with the business community and those it serves. Please feel free to contact the La Quinta Business District Team regarding any issues within the business community.

Deputy Iniguez - (760) 863-8990