La Quinta Police Department
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Wednesday, June 12

Operation I.D.


Operation I.D. is offered free of charge by the La Quinta Police Department. The program involves photographing valuables such as jewelry, collectibles, art collections and antiques. It also includes completing an inventory of electronics with a detailed list of the description, make or model, and serial number. All portable valuables such as computers, fax machines, copiers etc., should be marked with an identifiable serial number that includes letters. This inventory list can be saved on your computer but should also be printed and kept in a safe spot in case your computer gets stolen. The Crime Prevention Officer will loan you an engraver, which is used to mark all equipment and is available to come to your residence and assist you with the completion of the program.

Benefits include:

  • The marked property is more difficult for a thief to sell.
  • Stolen property in the possession of a there is easily traceable to its rightful owner.
  • Found property can easily be identified and returned to the rightful owner.

Contact Crime Prevention Officer Rocio Foster at 760 863-8990 for more information on any of the above programs.