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Monday, July 22

Traffic Services


The La Quinta Traffic Services Team performs a variety of functions.Their primary function is the enforcement of traffic laws as defined by the California Vehicle Code. The City's motorcycle officers are the most visible part of the traffic enforcement function but all La Quinta Police officers conduct traffic enforcement as part of their patrol function.

Another function of the Traffic Services Team is to investigate traffic collisions that occur within the City of La Quinta. Depending on the severity of the individual incident, collisions may also be investigated by patrol officers or Community Service Officers. Collisions resulting in fatalities, major injuries, or injury collisions involving an impaired driver will result in a Traffic Services Team response with at least one of the responding officers being a traffic collision reconstructionist.

Public education is also a function of the Traffic Services team. Team members make public presentations at schools, civic organizations, and community groups where they address traffic related issues with a strong emphasis on improving traffic safety. The Traffic Service Team also conducts annual public education events (Holiday Safety Program) and participates in regional and state enforcement activities such as DUI Checkpoints, "Click It or Ticket" seat belt program, "Avoid the Thirty" drinking and driving program, Bicycle Rodeo, and Child Passenger Safety training.

Notice of stored vehicle (22852 CVC)

Tow/Storage Hearing Information:

Under the provisions of Section 22852 CVC, you or your agent have the right to determine the validity of the storage or impound of your vehicle. The vehicle post storage hearing is an informal administrative process to determine whether or not a vehicle was lawfully stored. Storage hearings are conducted Monday through Thursday 8am to 12pm (excluding holidays).  If you choose to contest the validity of this storage, you shall request the hearing by telephone, in person or in writing. Your request for a hearing shall be received by the Riverside County Sheriff Department within ten (10) days from the date of your notice is received. If you request a hearing, it will be conducted within 48 hours of the request, excluding weekends and holidays. Your vehicle may also be subject to a Vehicle Impound Recovery Fee of $259.

To request a tow hearing please call 760 863-8990.

Person’s requiring an inspection of their vehicle for a correctable violation will be subject to a ticket sign off fee of $27.00 per government code GC 26720, GC 26746.1, GC 26748.