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Monday, July 22

La Quinta Special Enforcement Team


The La Quinta Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) was established in the late 1980's. The team's purpose is to serve as a compliment to the Patrol Division with an emphasis on providing enhanced patrol services to the residents of La Quinta. S.E.T. members actively investigate crimes such as burglaries, theft, vandalism, assault, fraud and other localized crimes. In addition to investigations, S.E.T. members utilize community oriented policing concepts in an effort to provide education and problem solving solutions to the citizens and businesspersons of La Quinta. S.E.T. member activity allows uniformed patrol officers to remain in the field and enhances their effectiveness as first responders.

S.E.T. members are committed to crime prevention and are available to homeowner associations, business owners, homeowners, and other community groups. S.E.T. members are trained to provide crime prevention information and suggestions in an effort to reduce unwanted conduct and thus diminish the potential of criminal activity. S.E.T. members are available to receive public input and information regarding issues that concern residents and businesspersons. Officers aggressively act to develop programs to address and hopefully resolve community concerns.

S.E.T. members also conduct issue specific enforcement programs to combat identified problems within the city and are also responsible for specialized enforcement and security for La Quinta civic and community events, such as the annual Career Builder Challenge when held at a local golf course.

As with all community-orientated programs, a good working relationship with those who live and work in the community is essential for success.

Deputy J. Post  is assigned to 40 beat

Corporal M. Bustillos & Deputy E. Martin is assigned to 41 beat

Deputy T. Ebersole is assigned to 42 beat

Deputy C. Williams is assigned to 43 beat

Deputy T.  Ebersole is assigned to 44/45 beat

If you need assistance from any of the above deputies please contact (760) 863-8990.